Enrollment One Child

Enrollment One Child


Enrollment for one child.

Enrollment will cover child from time of enrollment until the end of our school year. ( May 1st) 

  • Enrollment info

    Enrolling with AHA is Fast, Simple & Easy to do!
    We legally cover the entire state of Alabama, Plus we accept enrollment, YEAR AROUND! 
    ​To Enroll:
    -Pay enrollment fee,
    -When enrollment forms are sent to you ( Via Email )  fill them out online ( E-SIGN),
    -Print copy of "Church School Enrollment Form" and mail to your local Superintendent Office.

    As soon as your payment is cleared you are enrolled, and legally covered.
    ( Failure to return enrollment forms in a timely manner can result in cancellation of enrollment. Please fill out as soon as you receive them.)
    We give no refunds, Charge  backs for any and all reasons.

    •  We proudly give a military, Firefighter, Police, ( First Responder's )  discount of 10% to show a little thank you to the families who sacrifice so much to keep us all safe! (  ID required, Please Email before paying fee so I can send you discount code to useat checkout.



    We do NOT issue Refunds/ Chargebacks. You are legally enrolled and covered by AHA as soon as your payment clears.