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After so many inquiries, and families desperately searching for a cover school this year I have decided to Reopen AHA.
However this year will be done differently than in times past. I will only have enrollment open from July 20th 2020 Until mid September. I will only accept a certain amount of families so i can better focus and help those whom are enrolled. I work a full time job, and have six children of my own, and allowing unlimited enrollment truly had me overwhelmed previously. Thank you for all of your patience, understanding and interest in AHA.




No more important thing is there in this whole world, besides family!

As a mother of six wonderfully rambunctious children I know the desire to always look after the best interests of those little lives we are teaching to grow, mature, and live happily, daily.

Life brings many ups, and downs and it can be a roller coaster of emotions both amazing and the lesser. Sometimes the pace can be so fast it is a challenge to keep up, But you know whats so amazing about every day that we get to spend in this wild world? The challenge itself, and the absolute joy of living and overcoming anything we are faced with, gifted with, or run straight into.

Hello, I am Hope Daniel, Your owner and Administrator of AHA.

As most already know the past of AHA, and how my mother started it to home school my brother and myself over 20 years ago,

Lets start this new school year off looking towards the future.

My goal with AHA is to offer a open enrollment cover school to those families like myself that grab life and run freely with it. I have not, nor ever will be the administrator that requires a ridiculous amount of your valuable time!

I will always strive to have the state minimum requirements only. I want you to focus on those children, and your family. Not your Cover school.